April 2017 Bangor Student of the Month – Bobbie Gilbert

Boryana K Gilbert
Medical Assistant student Boryana K Gilbert, April’s Student of the Month

Boryana K Gilbert, better known as ‘Bobbie’, is an inspiration to students and staff. Come rain or shine, Bobbie’s always in class and her mood is constantly positive – which sets a great example for the rest of the class. No matter how challenging the lesson might be, Bobbie always stays on course by completing her work on time and accurately.

Since joining NTI for the Clinical Medical Assistant program, she has maintained stellar grades. To quote one of her instructors that best summarizes her performance, “she excels academically and finished with the top (perfect) score in her clinical class”. For such a great performance for her academics at NTI, Bobbie has earned the title of April 2017’s Student of the Month!  Congratulations, Bobbie!