Bangor Lecture Series

By Megan Burpee

Our Lecture series enable Medical students to gain additional knowledge in various subjects.  We encourage all students to attend as many lectures as possible for the duration of their training.

Why Attend?

  • Relate theoretical knowledge to the context of medical practice
  • Provide a synthesis of various sources and clarify complex information
  • Involve students in activities and allow for discussions in key areas


  • THURS  10/24: A Day in the Life of a Medical Coder and/or Biller Lecture –presented by Tracy Kimble Green from (EMMC?)
  • FRI  10/25:  Working in a Medical Office/Tips for Success:  present by Nicole Bouchard

CDL-A Start:  It’s that time again – we have another CDL-A class starting Monday, October 21st.

Why Your Financial Aid Award Package Could Change

B:y Katy Hopkins
College-bound students and their parents have an extra-tricky challenge ahead of them as they analyze financial aid award packages this spring. School aid packages—often criticized by financial aid experts and analysts as confusing, misleading, or underestimated—may be incomplete this year. With proposed budget cuts pending at both the state and federal levels, some facets of government aid to students and institutions are in flux. Some schools have opted to leave out components of aid that may change from students’ award packages; those schools and other institutions may have to send out revised financial aid packages once budget discussions conclude.
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CAREER FAIR – Next Tuesday, October 29th
@ the new Cross Insurance Center put on by the Maine Career Center.  This is a great opportunity for all students!  Please see your Career Advisor for more information, and keep an eye out for your favorite NTI Admissions rep!