Bangor Student Spotlight – Charles Harding

Charles Harding, Clinical Medical Assistant student at NTI's Bangor Campus.
Charles Harding, Clinical Medical Assistant student at NTI’s Bangor Campus.

Our ‘Spotlight Student’ this month is Charles Harding.  Charles is an active duty Security Forces officer in the United States Air Guard, and he has shown exemplary moral character since day one of stepping foot in the doors of our Bangor campus. NTI has witnessed Charles go out of his way to help out students who were struggling with medical concepts, even coming in on his non-scheduled days to lend a helping hand.

Charles has offered to pay for a student’s lunch when they did not have anything to eat, has volunteered his time (and arms) in the clinical classroom and overall he has been a positive an enthusiastic role model for his peers. He is the standard by which other students should strive for and we are confident he will make an amazing addition to the Bangor Medical work force.