CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grant for Students

Northeast Technical Institute signed and returned to the Department on 4/14/2020 the Certification and Agreement. Northeast Technical Institute intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. The total amount of funds that Northeast Technical Institute will

COVID-19 Update

At NTI, our top priority has always been the delivery of high quality, hands on training and career development services. However, the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is a top priority and since mid March those two priorities have begun to collide, creating difficult working and learning environments for all of

Student of the Month – Lewiston, November 2018: Jacqueline King

Congratulations to our November Student of the Month in Lewiston: Jacqueline King! Jackie’s attendance and commitment to learning have always been a top priority. She always makes herself available to other students, giving each one moral support to help them through tough moments with understanding and compassion. It is always refreshing to see someone who

Student of the Month – Bangor, November 2018: Dan Williams

Congratulations to our November Student of the Month in Bangor: Dan Williams! Dan has excelled in the classroom and lab, maintaining nearly perfect attendance and a 100 GPA. Beyond that, he is always willing to work with his fellow students to boost their understanding of the course material. Working with another student, he went above

Your Healthcare Job Outlook in 2019

The first question prospective students often ask us is “Can I get a job?” As a career school, making certain our students are ready to work is our number on goal. However, it goes beyond just our training. We are constantly monitoring the job market and working with employers to better understand the type of

Student of the Month – Scarborough, October 2018: Peggi Reynolds

Congratulations to our October Student of the Month in Scarborough: Peggi Reynolds A half-time, Medical Coding & Billing student, Peggi comes to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to work closely with other students. She has been a positive influence on instructors and students alike. Working closely with Jean, our Billing & Coding

Student of the Month – Lewiston, October 2018: Alicia Mason

Congratulations to our October Student of the Month in Lewiston: Alicia Mason As a mother of two young children, Alicia not only excels in the classroom, but also at home. She is also a volunteer firefighter and is also taking EMT courses. Despite her very busy schedule–balancing family, work, NTI’s classes, and EMT training–she is

Student of the Month – Bangor, October 2018: Marc Kelly

Congratulations to our October Student of the Month in Bangor: Marc Kelly It isn’t often that students are nominated by instructors from other programs, but Marc Kelly made an impact on everyone during his time at NTI. His constant positive attitude and smile have been a pleasure on campus. Marc is always willing to volunteer

Student of the Month – Bangor, September 2018: Andrew Hurd

For our Bangor HVAC staff, it was a hard choice this month with a number of students with high GPAs and attendance in the 90% range. But, Andrew Hurd stood out, with a GPA of 98 and near perfect attendance. While in the classroom, he is quiet and attentive to the material being presented. He


Are you looking for the perfect match? We’re not talking about dating. We’re talking about your new career. Beyond just training, we work to connect you with employers. Not only do we help with job searching, resume writing, and interviewing, but we also host companies on a regular basis to meet with our students to