Clinical Corner

By Megan Burpee

With only a week to go, I think I can speak for many of the students when I say that they are feeling anxious, excited and possibly nervous to be approaching the finish line of the program. For those who may feel anxiety or doubt about entering the medical field I would like to give you a few pointers…

  • Remember that everyone, including doctors, had to start somewhere in their career. The confidence that they gained in the field developed over time and with experience! Turn your fears into a desire and willingness to learn all that you can when you enter your externship or new career.
  • Be adaptive to change. With so many subsidiaries and specialties in medicine, not all practices will operate the same. With that in mind, we prepare students for “common scenarios” that they can expect to encounter in a family practice setting. Realize that the different demands of healthcare facilities will require a more individualized and flexible approach.
  • It is ok to ask questions. As a clinical medical assistant, patient safety is among your highest priorities. It is always better to ask for assistance then to compromise a patient’s wellbeing. Not to mention it shows a willingness to learn!

Don’t let high expectations be overcome by self-doubt or a fear of the unknown. While I encourage everyone to push yourself to your highest potential, give yourself permission to not be perfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the all-knowing medical assistant!


Much of our school’s success is built on having current students refer their family and friends to NTI.

Do you know someone that is:

  • Unemployed
  • Unhappy in their current job
  • Or just looking to change their lives

If so, please let Megan know so we can help find them a new career.

Thanks for the referral!

Financial Aid Tip of the Week

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See Luke if you need help navigating $alt!

Upcoming Lecture Dates…

Resume Lecture- January 8 at 4:30pm

APA Format— January 14 at 1:30pm