A Fresh Look in Bangor

Bangor Students Tour the JSI Store Fixtures Facility.

Last week, our Bangor HVAC/R students were invited to tour JSI Store Fixtures’ factility in Bangor. Dave Laube, the facility manager, conducted the tour and walked the students through each step of production. In addition, students were able to interact with current employees and hear, first-hand, about their duties throughout the assembly process. Also included in the tour was a look at the testing lab to view the work on a new product line in development.

All the students were impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and the thoughtful and efficient layout of the production line. Throughout the tour, the students had great questions about the products, equipment, and work schedule.

Best of all, JSI Store Fixtures in Bangor currently employs four Northeast Technical Institute graduates, and the students were encouraged to apply upon graduation.

All in all, the day was another great example of us working closely with our business partners to get students to work. Thanks to the team at JSI Store Fixtures for taking the time.

Our next HVAC/R classes begin in Bangor on October 2 and in Scarborough on October 23.