June Placements

Congratulations to the following graduates for their new job or externship: 

Dan Q. HVAC hired at Horizon Residential Energy
Brian B. HVAC hired at USM
Justin D. HVAC hired at Pine State Services
William A. HVAC hired at Plante Oil Burner Services
Granville A. HVAC hired at Charlie Burnham
Kyle H. HVAC hired at White Mountain Energy
Karen L. CMA hired at Miles Memorial
Teresa C. MLA hired at Mercy Hospital
Dan B. MLA hired at Sequel Care of Maine
Scott C. HVAC hired at Avery HVAC Services
Ben D. HVAC hired at Pine State Services
Jim L. CDL hired at Paradigm Windows
William H. CDL hired at Werner
Corey S. HVAC hired at Ty-Mark HVAC
Juan R. CDL hired at PRIME
Nyssa J. CDL hired at H.O. Wolding
Jeff B. CDL hired at Jake White Logging
Bill L. HVAC hired at J. Hannah Mechanical
George S. CDL hired at Schneider
Gerald M. CDL hired at Augusta Fuel
Peter Z. CDL hired at Maine Recycling Corp.
Dale P. HVAC Self Employed
Richard S. HVAC hired at AMH Heating
Thomas S. HVAC hired at Climate Control
Owen B. HVAC hired at Brochu Plumbing
Adam S. HVAC hired at Lakes Region Heat
Kathy M. CMA Dr. externship at Krueger
Shauntel W. CMA externship at Maine Ortho