March Placements

Congratulations to the following graduates!

Tim C. CDL hired at Western Express

Mackenzie L. MOA hired at Bridgton Hospital

Therese K. CMA hired at Anthem

Jessica S. CMA hired at Chest Medicine

Alex T. CDL hired at National Distributors

Wanda L. Phlebotomy hired at CMMC

Jessemar R. CDL hired at RC Moore

Kaitlyn H. CMA hired at Parkview Hospital

Nicole F. CDL hired at FedEx

Steve F. CDL hired at RC Rogers

Elizabeth S. Phlebotomy hired at NorDx

Robert F. CDL hired at Crowley Energy

Joanne C. CMA hired at York Hospital

Sergiy K. CDL hired at Schneider

Paul F. CDL hired at Fairpoint

Chris B. HVAC hired at Brookside Mechanical

Phil W. CDL hired at Schneider

Anthony B. CDL hired at Portland Air Freight

Dustin A. CDL hired at SCP Transport

Randy C. IT hired at Oxford Networks

Steve C. HVAC hored at Amerigas

Kathleen H. CMA externship at UNE

Carley C. CMA externship at UNE

Linnea L. Phlebotomy externship at NorDx

Nicole M. MLA externship at NorDx

Wanda L. Phlebotomy externship at NorDx