Placements for July

Congratulations to the following graduates!
Jill B. CMA hired at UNE Healthcare
Tiffany C. CMA hired at Maine Eye Center
Amanda M. CMA hired at MMC
Anab N. CMA hired at NorDx
Jessica S. CMA hired at Chest Medicine
Shellylee R. CMA hired at Healthsource
David T. HVAC/R hired at Avita
Jeff P. HVAC/R hired at Hilton
Jarrod T. HVAC/R hired at Misty Harbor Resorts
Chris N. HVAC/R hired at Air Serve HVAC/R
Rocco L. HVAC/R Self Employed
Koma O. HVAC/R hired at Giroux Oil
Jonathan P. HVAC/R hired at Pine State Services
Randy C. IT hired at Oxford Networks
Chris W. IT hired at Goodwill
Linda M. MCB hired at Holistic PT
Diane C. MCB hired at Memorial Hospital
Keith P. MCB hired at Dermalogix
Richard M. MCB hired at Med Reimbursement
Destiny C. Phlebo hired at NorDx
Devin O. CDL hired at Trotter Paving
William D. CDL hired at Estes
James M. CDL hired at Cape Porpoise Lobster
Andy B. CDL hired at Dropping Springs Bait