Placements for October (Lewiston & Scarborough)

Placements:  Congratulations to the following graduates on their new jobs!

Royce W. HVAC/R hired at Richard P. Waltz

Colton S. HVAC/R hired at Pine State Services

Howard Y. HVAC/R hired at Johnson & Jordan

Jake R. HVAC/R hired at Cumberland Farms

Mike M. HVAC/R hired at Advanced Heating

Jake M. HVAC/R hired at Downeast Energy

Aaron B. HVAC/R hired at Downeast Energy

Mike M. HVAC/R hired at Midcoast Energy

Blair M. HVAC/R hired at Borderline Fuels

Raymond S. HVAC/R hired at Royal River Heat Pumps

Owen B. HVAC/R hired at Dowling Corporation

Joshua D. HVAC/R hired at Downeast Energy

Andrew A. IT hired at Goodwill IT Tech

Crystal V. CMA hired at Martin’s Point

Elizabeth S. CMA hired at Supplemental Healthcare

Amanda W. CMA hired at Maine Medical Partners

Laura M. CMA hired at Pediatrics Associates

Matt G. Phlebotomy hired at NorDx

Danielle P. Medical Office Assistant hired at Port City Physical Therapy

Guled A. CDL hired at PRIME

RObert T. CDL hired at Olympia Sports

Edward N. CDL hired at Western Express

Ahmed A. CDL hired at Werner

Luis C. CDL hired at HP Hood