Your Voice is Our Priority

Scarborough Campus 10/7/13
By Rachael Bilodeau

The Student Senate is a central forum for common dialogue within the student community, and an environment to actualize common goals. The NTI Student Senate is a non-discriminatory, non-partisan representative body of students.  Its primary objective is to identify methods and ideas, which can be utilized by all students to encourage leadership, uphold student achievement, and act as a liaison between students and the Administration.

Scarborough & Bangor Student Senate Committees meet on the third Thursday of every month.

All Student meetings are held quarterly (includes entire student body)

Scarborough Student Senators:

  • All Medical Students – Candie Hall
  • All HVAC/R Students – Josh Elder
  • All IT Students – Oscar Cohen

Among their many responsibilities, the Student Senate reviews the suggestions you have put in the suggestion box in the down stairs break room and makes recommendations whether to implement or not. The final decision rests on the management of the school, of course. Students can view the suggestions and their outcomes on our portal at Here are some recent suggestions and their outcomes:

SUGGESTION – Please adjust the door in the IT lab. It is always slamming. Very disruptive.


OUTCOME – It has been adjusted and now closes quietly. Also suggested a couple months ago that the medical door squeaked and disturbed students – that has been oiled and is now quiet.

SUGGESTION – Please have some cleaning supplies; dish soap, spray cleaner or wipes, for tables and bathrooms that students can use


OUTCOME – There are now bottles of spray cleaner in each bathroom and break room. Please see Student Services for refills. Dish soap for IT breakroom is coming. There is also wax paper at all microwaves to cover your food to make your clean-up easier.

SUGGESTION – Clean ceiling vents


OUTCOME – Cleaned

In Other News:
  • Corey Graffam passed his National Healthcare Association CPT exam
  • Kelley Millheiser passed her National CCMA exam
  • Robin Dumont passed her National CPT exam
  • Kevin Sipe passed his Comptia Security+ exam
  • Earl F.—Passed his CDL
  • Matthew J.—Passed his CDL
  • Richard D. CDL hired by Oakhurst
  • Paula S. MOA hired by Avita Assisted Living
  • Christine M. CMA Externship at Orthopedic Associates
  • Kesner S. CMA Externship at Dr. Krueger’s Office
  • Marion O. PHL Externship at NorDx

New Partnerships for Job Placement and Externship Sites: