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Commercial Truck Driver Program

  • Get licensed in less than 2 months
  • Full & part-time schedules
  • Optional endorsements available
  • Job placement assistance after graduation
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Get On The Road To Success As A Commercial Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers are one of the most in-demand careers available, today. CDL-A (Commercial Driver’s License – Class A) drivers are licensed to operate commercial trucks that tow trailers filled with goods or materials.

As a commercial truck driver, you’ll transport cargo and goods across local and state lines under a tight schedule.

Your duties as a Commercial Truck Driver will include:

  • Maintaining vehicle and operation logs.
  • Managing delivery paperwork.
  • Loading and unloading cargo.
  • Performing vehicle inspections before and after trips.
  • Vehicle maintenance.

Your 3 Phase Career Journey

Career Journey Step 1

Meet with an Admissions Advisor to learn about student life, course material, and payment options. Most programs are FAFSA & GI Bill® eligible.

Career Journey Step 2

Develop your skills and learn from industry professionals. NTI's flexible schedules and hybrid learning work around your busy lifestyle.

Career Journey Step 3

The Career Services Office helps you with your resume, cover letters, and connects you with local employers who are hiring. So, you won't have to search for a job alone.

Program Overview

Course Start Dates
Every 7 Weeks

Program Length
200 Hours

Commercial Trucking Program Description


The CDL-A program is designed to teach you the safe operating procedures of commercial trucks, and a working knowledge of the industry. As a student, you’ll get practice behind-the-wheel at our driver training yards, and in both country and city environments. You can become a licensed driver with just 200 hours of logged training.

You’ll also have the opportunity to train for endorsements in air brakes, hazardous materials (optional), tankers, and doubles/triples.

Graduates of this program are prepared for licensure through the State of Maine’s Department of Transportation.

Hands-on Training

Because commercial trucking is a hands-on job, you’ll be trained by industry professionals in fully-equipped shops and classrooms. Above all, NTI wants you to learn by doing. Therefore, CDL-A program students receive comprehensive hands-on training in:

  • Pre-trip inspections.
  • Truck engines & Transmissions.
  • CDL examinations.
  • Safety for CDL drivers (FMCC).
  • Rules of the road.
  • Professional development for CDL drivers.
  • Logbooks and trip planning.
  • Straight backing.
  • Alley Docking.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Drop and hook.
  • City, highway, and country driving.

Commercial Truck Training Yards

You’ll receive part of your training in a dedicated training yard from licensed and experienced industry professionals. Both training yards (located in Scarborough and Bangor, ME) are equipped with the trucks, trailers, and tools you’ll need to prepare for your license.


CDL-A Endorsements

Along with obtaining your CDL-A, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive several endorsements. Because endorsements are a formal system of letting employers know how skilled you are, they’re necessary to achieve your career goals.

NTI prepares you for the following CDL endorsements:

  • Air Brakes.
  • Hazardous Materials (optional).
  • Tankers.
  • Doubles.
  • Triples.

Program Costs

The CDL-A program is not yet eligible for Federal Financial Aid due to the short length of the program.

NTI does offer a short-term payment plan. During your Admissions Interview, you’ll be given a full overview of your personal program costs and payment options.

After Graduation

As a graduate of the CDL-A program, you’ll be prepared to take your state-administered commercial driving test. Upon licensure by the State of Maine Department of Transportation, you’ll be ready to start your career and work for:

  • Distribution centers.
  • Freight companies.
  • Local businesses.

Job Placement Assistance

You don’t have to search for a job alone because we’re here to help. Once your education is complete, our Career Services Office supports you in your job search. Career services are available to any graduate in good standing with the school. Most importantly, NTI graduates have access to the Career Services Offices for the rest of their lives.

The Career Services Office offers:

  • Application and resume preparation.
  • Professional interview techniques.
  • Help to contact prospective employers.
  • Job fair events with local employers.
CDL-A Career Program NTI

Companies That Hire Our Graduates

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