Meet Our Manufacturing Graduates

Well trained and professional technicians are available for you to hire today!  Our graduates have successfully completed an intensive 280 hour hands-on manufacturing technician program in manufacturing math, workplace skills & communication, blueprint reading, lean, measurement and more (click here for syllabus).

Want to meet and interview one of these candidates?  Call Wendy Berube
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Mouktar Bouh

  • 94% GPA in Manufacturing program; A.S. Degree
  • Packaging and general labor experience
  • See Resume


Diana Parkenski

  • 90% GPA in Manufacturing program
  • Machine operator and production experience
  • See Resume


Jaoquim Ngoma

  • A.S. Degree in Supplier Chain Management
  • Material handling, shipping and logistics experience
  • See Resume


Anderson Council  HIRED

  • 92% GPA and 97% attendance
  • Production, sewing and material handling experience
  • See Resume


Makomba Nsiku 

  • 90% GPA in Manufacturing program; Electrical training and certificate
  • Shipping, production and maintenance repair experience
  • See Resume