Our Manufacturing Partners

NTI’s manufacturing training initiative was launched in July of 2016 with the support of the Maine Department of Labor and has led to providing our partners with multi-skilled workers who are capable of making a fundamental difference in plant operations and profitability.  If you’d like to learn more about our partnership program and how you can gain access to top NTI talent, contact Jeff at jburbine@ntinow.edu or call 207-805-8000.

Advance Pierre (Tyson Foods)
Alere, Inc.
Alagash Brewery
Boston Brands
Bristol Seafood (Letter of Support)
Clariant Plastics & Coating
Corning, Inc.
Dialectric, Inc.
Dingley Press
Elmet Technologies (Letter of Support)
Fiber Materials
International Paper
Irwin Tools
Fiber Materials
Growers Express
International Door
Kerry Ingredients
Lepage Bakeries
LL Bean
New England Tech Air (Letter of Support)
Nichols Portland
Oakhurst Dairy (Letter of Support)
On Semiconductor
Panolam Industries
Pioneer Plastics
Schlotterbeck & Foss (Letter of Support)
Semiconductor of Maine
Shipyard Brewing Co. (Letter of Support)
Texas Instruments
UF Strainrite (Letter of Support)
Wasco Skylights

(partial listing)