Our Mission

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Focused career education that provides our students the skills to find meaningful employment.

As an institution of higher education, Northeast Technical Institute dedicates itself to provide each student with individual attention, intensive hands-on training and extensive career support services. We offer high quality, focused career education that provides our students with the necessary skills and certification required to pursue rewarding employment after completion. We recognize the importance of each student’s individual learning needs and strive to provide the necessary foundation, so that each student may achieve his/her goals.

Purpose and Objectives

Northeast Technical Institute is dedicated to offering relevant, career oriented programs that match the needs of employers.

All programs offered at Northeast Technical Institute are intended to develop marketable skills through short, yet comprehensive hands-on training. Experienced faculty are committed to educating students in an environment that simulates the professional atmosphere and realities of the workplace thus better preparing our graduates for their career goals.

Core Values


The school is committed to attracting and supporting a diverse body of students, faculty and staff members. NTI encourages acceptance and respect of individuals with differing values, ideas, beliefs, abilities and life experiences. The school promotes good citizenship, a sense of civic responsibility, and an appreciation for human diversity at all levels.


The school community promotes involvement and provides experiences that foster a lifelong commitment to service. The school believes in the importance of sharing its human and academic resources with schools, businesses, industries and public agencies through partnerships and outreach activities.


NTI sets high expectations for students and graduates and demands excellence in teaching and in delivery of services. The school promotes quality and excellence in staff and faculty members through its many professional development activities. The school promotes the development and well-being of each member of the campus community, which in turn fosters a strong commitment to the institution.


Through the NTI Community, students, faculty and staff members pledge to create a community based learning, open, just, caring, disciplined, purposeful and celebrative. Faculty and staff members strive to create and maintain effective channels of communication. The school also values local communities in Maine and engages in numerous partnerships.

Financial Responsibility

The school places a high value on being ethical and transparent in all practices, and faculty members strive to impress this value upon their students. NTI strives to employ the most efficient and appropriate use of fiscal and human resources in order to provide students with a quality, affordable higher education experience. Faculty and staff members value fact-based decision making through collegial deliberation.


All institutional services exist to support the academic mission of the institution, and student life is viewed as an important facet of the educational experience. Thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning and evaluation are seen as essential for meeting the changing needs of those we serve. NTI is committed to improving public education in Maine and beyond.

Find Out More…

The best way to see if going back to school and training in a professional career is right for you is to visit the NTI campus nearest you. You can tour our modern facilities and meet with our instructors who work in your field of interest. For more information or to schedule your free campus tour, fill out the form on the side of the page, or call 1-800-447-1151 today.