HVAC/R Technician

HVAC/R students train hands-on using equipment they'll encounter on the job

Train to Become a Skilled HVAC/R Technician in Maine

Program:  HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)

  • Full Time Programs Available
  • Hands-On Training at NTI’s HVAC/R Labs
  • Potential Externship Opportunities

HVAC/R refers to the process of climate control in both residential and commercial buildings, as well as refrigeration requiring the control of humidity and temperature.

The HVAC/R Technician training school at NTI in Maine (ME) provides technicians with the theory and knowledge required for installation, maintenance and repair of residential and light commercial systems.

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Get Certified

Northeast Technical Institute is an Authorized Testing Center for the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). During the program, students may decide to take the NORA Exam. NORA is a collaborative program established by the oil heating industry to strengthen the industry by improving education and training for employees in the industry. Students may also be tested for Gas Certification through CETP (The Certified Employee Training Program). CETP is a formal body for training, testing and documentation to ensure that workers in the propane industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work safely and effectively. Learn more about National Certifications Full Time Schedule Options – Choose the Program that Works Best for You

Class Schedule

  • Full Time: 27 Weeks* (810 Hours) Hours: MON-WED – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., THU – 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

* Program length when completed in normal time.

» Externship not guaranteed. Successful graduates of this program will be awarded a Career Diploma.

The Value of Qualified HVAC/R Professionals

HVAC/R services are a must for almost all homes and offices. Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are all becoming more sophisticated. HVAC/R professionals also help protect our environment by ensuring the systems run efficiently while maintaining environmental standards. As a trained HVAC/R Technician you’ll have the skills and experience to handle issues as they arise.

“What an experience this was. The instructors are real patient, and are willing to take more time one on one with you if you need it. I will tell everyone they should go to NTI for the experience of a lifetime!”
– David Gallagher

Potential Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Maine-based program, students may decide to specialize in certain areas of HVAC/R. For example, they may wish to concentrate on heating or refrigeration systems or they may wish to specialize in installation only. Some may wish to generalize in all aspects of HVAC/R. The HVAC/R program at NTI is meant to give the student training in all areas of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning repair maintenance and installation.

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HVAC/R Mission Statement

The mission of the HVAC/R Training Department is to offer instruction, through a curriculum relevant to industry needs, that includes an appropriate mix of classroom and hands-on experience to bridge the gap between theory and practical application of the subjects introduced and to provide innovative, contemporary and accessible training to effectively meet student goals.  To accomplish this mission, the HVAC/R staff is committed to providing each student with a deep understanding of both fundamentals and important current issues in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry so they may obtain productive employment or pursue advanced education.

Program Objectives

Take a look below at some of the goals NTI has set for students in the HVAC/R program:

  • Prepare students to pass the NORA Certification Exam.
  • Practice the highest standards of safety.
  • Develop skills in mechanical and electrical applications.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance to electric, gas, and oil furnaces.
  • Acquire an understanding of different refrigerant types and their application requirements.
  • Develop an understanding of the different types of air conditioning systems.
  • Prepare student to pass Gas/Propane certification.
  • Become eligible for an externship program.

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Companies That Hire Our Graduates (partial listing)

HVAC Companies

» This program is offered at the Scarborough and Bangor campuses.

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