Continuing Education

Oil Burner Technician (NORA Oilheat Bronze Certification)

This class is the first step towards a career as an Oilheat Service Technician

This NORA Certification program combines 80 hours of classroom instruction with 80 hours of hands on training in a shop environment. Students develop their knowledge and skills related to residential and commercial oil heating.

Upon completion of this course students test for the NORA Bronze certification exam. This course is recognized for licensing in the State of Maine, allowing students to sit for their Journeyman Oil Burner Technician after just 6 months of field experience.

Topics covered include;

  • heating oil and its properties
  • oil tanks and piping, fuel units, nozzles, combustion chambers, drafting & venting
  • combustion properties, basic electricity, ignition systems, motors controls, thermostats, hydronic and forced air systems
  • maintenance and service

This course gives students the skills, knowledge foundation required for apprentice oilburner technicians.

Course Objectives

  • Properly troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, maintain and service popular brands of oil
    burners including, Beckett, Carlin, and Reillo
  • Perform installation and maintenance on hydronic boilers, forced air furnaces and related piping and/or ventilation systems with minimal supervision
  • Seek employment in an entry-level position with independent HVAC contractors, property management companies, or large buildings such as hospitals and hotels
  • Demonstrate a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of heating system design,
    installation, operation and analysis
  • Properly perform assigned duties demonstrating proper safety practices and procedures in the lab and the workplace, while installing, designing, troubleshooting and servicing oil fired systems
  • Maintain a safe and OSHA compliant work environment
  • Document and maintain equipment / service records
  • Multitask and prioritize all duties and responsibilities in order of importance
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism
  • Test for a NORA Bronze certification

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More About Certification

NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance)

NORA is a collaborative program established by the oilheating industry to strengthen the industry by improving education and training for employees in the industry.  The Bronze Certification is a program for people who have minimal field experience as an Oilheat technician. The Bronze Level certification will give individuals recognition in the industry and teach individuals the fundamental skills of Oilheat.

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