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Prior to coming to NTI, I got out of military. I was working as a mechanic and in retail, but I was looking for a career that would support my family. I pursued the medical assistant program because of the availability of jobs and the stability of the career. After about 6 months at NTI, I left with a national certification for clinical medical assisting. What I liked best about NTI was that the instructors provided a professional, real-world training environment and an excellent education.

Eric Nimblett

I first looked at a local community college, however, the waitlist was longer than I wanted. A friend of mine had told me about NTI, and that they were continually accepting students and that there was no waitlist. The minute I finished I accepted a full time position. I was offered a job before I was done my externship.

Jenn Witmer

Flexible hours are important to me because I’m someone who typically works several jobs while trying to finish school and further my career. So, I was able to do both at the same time. The instructors here as NTI are amazing! They make sure that you’re going to succeed, and that is something that a lot of schooling systems are kind of missing.

Allison Truman

I decided not to go to medical school because of the monetary and time commitment that I just wasn’t prepared to do. But, I knew that I still wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. A friend of mine completed the Medical Assistant Program here at NTI and absolutely raved about it. She loved it. And, so I knew that if I completed that program, too, I’d be able to get a job anywhere as a medical assistant.


Ragnar Clarke

At the age of 54, I realized  that I didn’t have a lot of stability in my life, and I was looking for a secure occupation. I landed on NTI because of the flexible schedule. It enabled me to work full-time while I was going to school. The best thing about NTI is that it’s really been a confidence builder for me, and I realized that even at my age, there’s still a lot I can learn.

Molly Johnson

I have been working in a group home for adults with disabilities. I really love what I do, but the $10.75 an hour just was not doing it for my family. I looked into possibilities of going to a local university, which was a two-year program. I knew that I could not be out of work for that long. I heard NTI on the radio, and I knew 6 months was the plan for me.


Kim Wilmar

Whether you’re interested in working directly with patients, or would rather contribute to health and wellness in a Medical Admin position, NTI has a program to fit your goals. Our Medical Training School is designed to help you advance your career in the noble profession of healthcare.

NTI offers career preparation programs in the following rewarding medical fields:

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