Student Testimonials

I am very happy for this training and this certificate. This represents a lot for me. I say thank you to Tom and Peter for coaching and for the quality education. I really like this training and all the courses were important. Thank you.

Ange Tresor L Feza

The training was fast paced, but I got a ton of information from it and look forward to starting my new career. I also feel like I have made some lifelong friends.

Steve Blais

I had a great experience here and think it is a very beneficial course.

Emerico Palacio

It was a last minute decision to leave my job of 9 years to go back to school. Extremely nervous and second guessing my choice to go back, I scheduled a tour for NTI Scarborough. The previously stressful process of getting “all my ducks in a row” to even find out if I could afford to–as well as meet the prerequisites in time–to enroll in school was met with ease thanks to extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff that supported my decision. They also supported me through the entire process and entire course, including post- graduation job placements and questions.

Kelli Curtis

My time at NTI has been outstanding. I felt that all of the staff and instructors always had a great attitude and went above and beyond. I feel very prepared going into a career in phlebotomy.

Nicholas Brodeur

My experience at NTI has been awesome! The educators are extremely helpful and supportive. I’ve learned more in 13 classes than I did in six months at the other school.

Hope Carpentier

I enjoyed the ability to start working hands-on immediately. The comprehensive learning material made the lecture experience quick and easy.

Samantha Pomroy

Re-entering the work force after a decade of stay at home “mom-ing” was overwhelming. I enjoyed the direction NTI gave me and the push for success. Everyone on staff is so helpful and caring. Six months later, I am on my way to my dream career, and I have already been hired at NorDx. Thanks!

Vicki McCoubrey

The staff and especially instructors at NTI are some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. They will go above and beyond to help you succeed in your chosen field. They really care and do everything in their power to help in any way they can.

Jessica Sanford

I have truly enjoyed my time here at NTI. My instructors have been there for me every step of the way as well as the faculty. Thank you to everyone who has made my time here enjoyable.

Dennis Lacombe

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