Student Testimonials

My experience at NTI was fast paced and rewarding.  The instructors are amazing, so supportive and helpful.  Six months went by so fast and I am so excited to begin my new career as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

Kimberly Wilmar

I loved my clinical class.  Everyone got so close and helped each other through.  Holly is an awesome instructor.

Sarah Currier

I had a great experience coming to NTI! I loved how flexible the scheduling is for the administrative classes, which allowed me to attend school, work and be a single mom to two kids.  I love how dedicated the staff is to helping the students be successful with their school work and career preparation.  I would highly recommend NTI to anyone looking to attend school.

Jessica Mason

I spent two years at two different colleges before I came to NTI, and I was blown away by the time and effort the staff put into each individual student.  I found the place where I thrive and can be excited to come to school everyday.  I am looking forward to the next step NTI has provided me.

Shannon Campbell

I was very nervous about continuing my education later in life, but but everyone at NTI made me feel like I belonged.  The course work was easy to follow.  I love working at a pace that fit my needs and the faculty is great, always helpful, and super encouraging.

Stephanie Clark

My experience at NTI has been great!  I am a mom of two, one being a newborn and this has been the best option for me.  NTI is super flexible.

Brianna Rainey

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at NTI.  All of my instructors have been super understanding that coming into school working full time and managing a family was intimidating.  Especially having been out of school for 25 years.  It was scary!.  These instructors are amazing always reinforcing my confidence when I needed it and far exceeded my expectations.

Rebecca Caswell

I’ll start off by saying, “Thank you.” I had a great experience at NTI. The instructors were very helpful and filled with a lot of great information. After obtaining my license on Monday, I filled out a few apps at some local companies around me and on Tuesday got a call from Chapman Trucking. I was offered a job hauling for the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Lewiston. Opportunities are endless in this industry!

Andy Pennington

Flexible hours are important to me because I’m someone who typically works several jobs while trying to finish school and further my career. So, I was able to do both at the same time. The instructors here as NTI are amazing! They make sure that you’re going to succeed, and that is something that a lot of schooling systems are kind of missing.

Allison Truman

I decided not to go to medical school because of the monetary and time commitment that I just wasn’t prepared to do. But, I knew that I still wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. A friend of mine completed the Medical Assistant Program here at NTI and absolutely raved about it. She loved it. And, so I knew that if I completed that program, too, I’d be able to get a job anywhere as a medical assistant.


Ragnar Clarke

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