Student Testimonials

When I chose to go back to school, I chose NTI because of the flexible hours and training. I have had a great experience here, and all of the instructors were amazing. I would come back to NTI and further my education anytime.

Kimberly Wildes

A year ago, my life fell apart. I was laid off from my horrible job and lost everything. Now, I have a new job in a new career. From answering questions and always being positive to pushing and helping through struggles, none of it would have been possible without the help of Rob, Jess, and the rest of the NTI gang. I’m on my way down a new path because of them and my hard work.

Adam Giles

The class is very fast paced and thorough, not too fast though. Good instructors, also.

Thomas Loven

Excellent program. Knowledgeable instructors.

Erik Divney

After losing a job, I was ready for a change of careers. Mid-way through the CDL course I felt confident that I am received the instruction and practice I needed to transition to a new field.

Gregory Bennett

Supportive, positive experience. Did well on preparing us to be safe drivers.

Marissa Pelletier

Northeast Technical Institute is such a great school. A huge advantage and convenience of going to NTI for me was the flexibility, especially being a single mom. Another advantage was that I could work at my own pace, so I never felt overwhelmed. Everyone at Northeast Technical Institute is incredibly supportive and truly wants to see you succeed.

Jessica Maietta

This program is a great way to get into the career that you weren’t sure how to get to from where you were. Very supportive staff and peers to help out with getting to know your stuff in a very constructive manner that will help make it stick when you are put into the field.

Cayte Brown

Attending Northeast Technical Institute has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The instructors have made the best impact on me, and I’m so thankful for all they have helped me with. I’m very excited to see what the future has in store!

Nicole DiPietro

I was at a point in my life where I knew that I didn’t want to be at the job I was at for the rest of my life and I needed a change. Northeast Technical Institute was perfect for me because I was able to choose a career that I had always been interested in and I was able to get a job in the field before I graduated. Thank you everyone at Northeast Technical Institute for helping me along the way!

Alex Kane

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