Student Testimonials

NTI is fantastic! Going back to school was a bit intimidating but the instructors are so kind, caring and easy to talk to. They make everything simple and easy for you to be successful!

Klaryssa Bryan

Obviously, English is not my first language, but at NTI, they were very patient with me. I really feel comfortable in this program. When I decided to become a medical assistant, I looked first at a local community college, but the program was three years. I learned about NTI because one of my friends came to NTI and finished in six months. Six months! Not two years!

Sarah Rwaganje

I chose NTI because I need to have my training quickly because I have a family of five kids. I needed quick training to get into a trade. Even before I graduated from NTI, I received a job offer from Pine State Services.



Michel Tukasa

About 6 years ago, I had been enrolled in a local university. It was hard to take my classes, finish my homework, and tend my child. The thing with NTI is that the you come to class when the timing is best for you. Personally, for myself I could go to school, while my child was in school.

Megan Sargent

At the age of 54, I realized  that I didn’t have a lot of stability in my life, and I was looking for a secure occupation. I landed on NTI because of the flexible schedule. It enabled me to work full-time while I was going to school. The best thing about NTI is that it’s really been a confidence builder for me, and I realized that even at my age, there’s still a lot I can learn.

Molly Johnson

I have been working in a group home for adults with disabilities. I really love what I do, but the $10.75 an hour just was not doing it for my family. I looked into possibilities of going to a local university, which was a two-year program. I knew that I could not be out of work for that long. I heard NTI on the radio, and I knew 6 months was the plan for me.


Kim Wilmar

I first looked at a two-year college to get my licenses, and then I found out about NTI and that it would only take me six months to do the same thing. Even before I had finished NTI and graduated, Pine State Services offered me a job, and I’ve been here ever since.


Rob Gravel

It’s always stressful when thinking about going back to school but, once I met the staff at NTI’s Lewiston campus I had no doubts I was doing the right thing. They gave me confidence, and made me feel like I belonged there. The hours required were flexible enough to fit into my busy schedule, and the instructors are always there to answer any of your questions or help you with whatever you need. They really strive and go out of their way to help you succeed. I am really thankful that this opportunity didn’t pass me by. It’s the best thing I could’ve ever done to better myself and my kids. Thank you, NTI.

Brandy St. Laurent

I thought I would write you to let you know about my new job. I am loving working at B Street Health Center. I have done so much already. I work with many immigrants who need all their vaccinations for their immigration status. I have given a number of injections, draw blood daily, talk with interpreters for Swahili, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French etc.

Without the outstanding course work and clinical skills that I received from NTI, I do think I would be lagging behind. I just wanted to extend appreciation for your program again.

It is so wonderful to love to go to work. Thanks again.

Diane Leveque

Thanks to teachers Tom and Peter at NTI for the experience I got in Manufacturing as I can read and interpret blueprints, precision measurements, and use of tools. As a machine operator I know: quality and communication. I’m happy for the time with NTI. Thanks.

Filipe Mingunda

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