My new job is going very well and the people are great. The coding, transcription and medial records offices are all in the same area next to each other. I met a new co-worker who is going to be auditing and training the coders. She has helped me find out information about working in coding and knows I want to work in coding. I found out that they allow experienced coders to work from home. I am taking my CPC exam June 4th and then will be able to work as a coder. Eventually I can work from home also.  Going back to school was the best decision. I feel so fortunate to have been chosen out of so many applicants for the position and getting a foot in the door. Memorial Hospital is one of and maybe the only largest employer in North Conway. I will have a long standing career there.  I will see you at graduation. Thank you!

Christine Colombie
Christine Colombie

More Testimonials

Thanks to teachers Tom and Peter at NTI for the experience I got in Manufacturing as I can read and interpret blueprints, precision measurements, and use of tools. As a machine operator I know: quality and communication. I’m happy for the time with NTI. Thanks.

Filipe Mingunda

Very happy to go to NTI for this great experience, I have gained so much knowledge.

Kibikula Manu

I have had a great experience at Northeast Technical Institute and it will serve me in the future and especially in my job as a technician. Thank you for all programs and staff.

Bienvenu Kalonda

I’m glad to be a student of NTI. I remember the first day I asked myself how life will be through all 11 weeks. I’m so happy I’ve got friends. I want to thank Tom our instructor and Peter and everyone at NTI. You gave us everything to feel comfortable.

Arnaud Nyagasaza

First, I would like to thank you for helping people to have the qualifications. In fact, I learned the Manufacturing course for some months here at NTI, as a new comer in the USA, I’ve challenged myself to do something that will make me proud to practice.

Miguel Macosso

I am happy to have done this course at NTI Scarborough. I thank everyone who helped me to attend this training, especially the ones who helped me finance it. Thank you to my teachers Tom and Peter.

Leao Ntumba

I would like to say that Northeast Technical Institute is a nice place to attend because we have the opportunity of building new skills to be successful in our future workplace. We have the best teachers helping us on it and how to maintain a good relationship in our daily life. Thank you to everyone who helps us achieve our goals.

Francisco A Cassoma

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the NTI Manufacturing Scholarships. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to attend this NTI program which has also helped me realize the value of this educational training. Thank you for enabling me to have this opportunity.

Alberto Tutuma

I am very happy for this training and this certificate. This represents a lot for me. I say thank you to Tom and Peter for coaching and for the quality education. I really like this training and all the courses were important. Thank you.

Ange Tresor L Feza

The training was fast paced, but I got a ton of information from it and look forward to starting my new career. I also feel like I have made some lifelong friends.

Steve Blais