Just completed the CDL course on first attempt, great staff/training on campus and at the yard. 4 job offers with trucking companies local and OTR during school-working with Prime Inc less than 1 week after graduation. Thank you to all of the support staff and Instructors at NTI for helping me achieve these opportunities!

Leo G.

More Testimonials

NTI gave me the ability to pursue a good education while also being able to be a working, single mom.  I couldn’t have done it if it were not for the great faculty and staff at NTI.

Morgan Breznyak

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your support. Today was the first morning I could go to the AAPC web page and look at my name with the CPC-A beside it and not cry from the pure joy of finally reaching my goal. Multiple times in this journey, I have asked myself what did I do, as it just seemed so difficult, and a few times I even thought about giving up. Thank you so much. I am very proud to be a graduate of NTI, and feel that I was offered so much more then just an education, but also a very supportive, compassionate NTI family and that I did not walk this journey alone!

Valerie Hix

I studied manufacturing at NTI.  I am so excited to have my manufacturing technician certificate that’s already been helpful to me.  I’m working for Kerry as a Production Utility Worker and gaining experience and more professional skills.  Thank you a lot NTI for providing me with many production skills that I have now.

Armando Kinanga

My name is Teodoro Kihany and I am from Angola.  I’d like to share the experience I had at NTI.  I never knew or learned about manufacturing systems before.  Now that i have graduated from Northeast Technical Institute, I can say I’m a Lean Manufacturing Technician.  I learned many, many skills at NTI.  I’m so proud to be one of the students at NTI.  Thanks NTI.

Teodoro Kihany

The instructors at NTI will not let you fail and they work with you no matter what your educational background because they stick with you.   They know our struggles, our strengths and how to help us with their approach and the hands-on learning – it’s more than words can say as to how much they helped me and our class.

Jessica Shorey

I spoke with Pine State Services last Thursday, had an interview and walked out the same day with a job. Hired on the spot! Today was my first day!

Cory Mitts

My experience at NTI was great.  All of the teachers and staff were always very helpful.  The flexibility and hours allowed me to be able to work and have my childcare covered, too.

Cassandra Kelley

NTI has been a fantastic experience.  I never felt overwhelmed by the curriculum and all of the medical teaching staff has been very professional and of the highest quality.   Thanks to all for your help.

Scott Flanders

NTI is a great place to be.  The environment and people have been beyond amazing, as well as the hours and conveniences the school offers.  NTI has become a second home/family to me. It has changed my life around.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunities in life this place has opened up to me.

Tabitha Steward

NTI was the perfect school for me with working full time.  It was easy for me to work and attend school. The instructors and students have been more than I could ask for.  I was helped when I asked and was pushed when I needed.  I will forever be thankful for this experience.

Cierra Hatch